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Hyatt Disaster Relief Efforts


Donate Now.

On Saturday, April 25 a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, just northwest of the capital of Kathmandu. It was the worst quake to strike the region in more than 80 years.

Our thoughts are with those who have been deeply impacted by this disaster.

To support the immediate needs and long-term recovery of the affected communities, Hyatt is donating $100,000 USD to Mercy Corps.

At this time, we invite you to join our gift campaign for Mercy Corps in the following two ways:

       1.   You can donate your Hyatt Gold PassportĀ® points in 5,000 point increments. Each 5,000 point donation results in a $50 USD gift to the Mercy Corps.
             To donate your points, please call Hyatt Gold Passport Customer Service toll free at +1.800.228.3360 in the U.S. and Canada or +1.402.593.8615
             when outside the U.S. and Canada.

       2.   To make a cash donation, please visit Hyatt's Mercy Corps donation page.  

No contribution is too small.

We thank you for teaming up with Hyatt and Mercy Corps to rebuild communities where our associates, guests and neighbors have been affected by this disaster.

About Mercy Corps:
Mercy Corps is a global humanitarian organization on the ground facing humanitarian crises, conflict and economic collapse in more than 40 countries around the world. We empower people to recover from crisis, build better lives and transform their communities for good.